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Being Irresolute

The rapid movement of the United Nations diplomacy machinery in response to the brutal suppression of protest movements in Libya, by Gaddafi loyalist forces, seemed to set a precedent in international diplomacy. Of course there were obvious restrictions to this, the permanent members of the Security Council will never be likely to take up action against Saudi Arabia, with its lion’s share of the world’s petroleum supplies, and, despite the growing protest movements amongst their own populations, Russia and China are protected from any Security Council resolutions by their veto as permanent members.

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Having a Riot

For months now the world has watched the Arab Spring unfold in a series of protests, riots and physical conflicts as the pent-up anger, allowed to brew over decades of denial and oppression. Before long, the fury of the Arab World spread to Europe and, in Greece and Spain, protesters inspired by the liberation forces throughout the Middle East and North Africa took to protesting against the austerity measures made by their own government. Lack of jobs and economic deprivation, but most of all lack of hope and a clear idea of the future, lead the disillusioned youth to rise up against everything that was wrong in their eyes, the economic disparity, the failure of rentier and capitalist policies, the arrogance of self-serving governments. They saw what was wrong, and they did the only thing that was left to them – they took to the streets. Continue reading